My Creative Mind

My Creative Mind

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Time for another installment of...

Ring Around the Rosie!!!

For sure I can't post a comment directly to a blog from the I am sorry to tell you...this is the best I can do.

  • Vicky: My son moved to SanDiego in 2001, everyone in his office thinks he has lost his last marble during those rare times it rains...he rushes out to the parking lot and stands there soaking up as much of the rain as he can, sometimes calling us on his cell "Hey, mom, guess what I am doing?" LOL His feet are webbed...a native Oregonian
  • Laurie Ann: Salt is way too cute, that bald spot, and her badhair day. Love it!
  • Cathi: I have said this before but will repeat myself...Your Dear Jane pieces are wonderful. I am also not maverick enough for any group, but I am maverick enough for myself siince I use those "put your sunglasses on" brights from time to time. Maybe we could be a group of 2!
  • Jeanne: We bought this house 20+ years ago with great desires to do this and that and something else. Eight years ago we redid the bathroom...did not think our marriage would survive that!! In a 6 moth period of time last year we put a new roof on, new windows all around, painted, built a wrap around deck and relandscaped. I thought we were done. Hopefully this time next wk we will be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel! I am sure planning to anyway.

  • Mary and Cher....I bet it feels good to be back in your own are good...but you gotta go home to rest afterwards!

  • Nancy: I am so inspired to dig around in my mothers stash after reading how you are mixing your Mama's stash with your own. Momma was able to buy what she wanted when she wanted it and I know what beautiful prints she has in there, I just haven't felt like using any of it....soon...soon.

  • Joanne: I am still laughing about your hubby and his longjohns. My sister is a farmers wife and oh boy the stories she can tell. I think you should send that one into Country Woman Magazine. Hilarious!

  • Kairle: you are such a good good mommy to let Wilma live on your kitchen counter. A memory your children will treasure years down the road!

  • Amy: Been meaning to tell you...your wedding pics are wonderful..the cake fun. I really appreciated hearing why you celebrate and had the traditions you did at your wedding. Educational! I am so glad you shared. When Life Gives you Lemons...oh that is a darling quilt! I am gathering prints for my Chair of Bowlies quilt that will hang in my new kitchen.

  • Finn: LOL I can't take credit for the scrolling across the bottom of my is on our family blog and I just copied the javascript and pasted it into my template. Our son is a techie/geek, only he gets paid to be one!

Kitchen update: Tonight we are taking some of the cabinet doors off so that they can be saved and repurposed. Our house was built in the 1920's and as we do more and more updating and remodeling we are changing it too much! I want to keep that 20's charm as much as possible. The old cabinet doors will be painted in the center with that chalkboard paint and then hung up as chalkboards. My sister also wants one.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Moving into March

What was I thinking? About halfway through February I had only one goal left on my list....thinking I had plenty of time, I added a couple of goals...well wouldn't you know it...I did not get my revised goals completed. Oh well...they were my personal goals and it doesn't affect anyone but me. I did however get 2 quilts done that were not on my original February goals. 2 not finished, 2 unexpected finished....So, I am going to call it even and move on without regrets.

Now...what will March hold? What goals do I have for the upcoming month? A better question would be what quilty goals do I have for the upcoming month? Tomorrow is March 1st, it is also day one of demolition and rebuilding. We are suppose to be able to get back into the kitchen on Friday night to paint and do whatever we need to do before they return on Monday to set the cabinets and etc which they anticipate taking until the end of the week...Ok, well that is just the first 10 days or so of the month. No big deal...still have about 3 wks of the month left. I should be able to get something quilty done next month.

2006 March Quilty Goals
Finish Garden Pinwheels
Finish Friendship Swap Quilt
Complete top of Countryside Cottage
Piece 9 blocks of Mystic Blues
Not much but it is all I am going to commit myself to when I am also re-doing our bedroom in March as well as putting our kitchen back together. I think my plate is full!
Congrats to all who accomplished all or part of their February goals!
Stitch by stitch....

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Here Kitty Kitty

This is the other set of panel blocks I found while looking for that second set of Friendship Star blocks that I still can't find! The blue border fab really should ahv been tossed long ago, it is not the best quality and really pulled no matter what I did with it, another IIWII I am afraid. It is amazing how much can get accomplished when you ignore the dishes, ignore the telephone, ignore the computer (that one is also painful), ignore the fact you have a job to go to in the morning and set your mind on seeing how many bobbins you can empty in one setting.

I need to get as many quilts done as possible before the 26th of May so there are no fancy settings and no time to do pieced borders (I love pieced borders!). My goal is 100 quilts (no, I am not making 100 quilts by myself in that time period...several of my friends in my teeny tiny little town are making quilts in order to achieve this goal) by May/June for our family vacation with 3 of our 5 grandchildren, where we will be visiting Mickey and Minnie's house then my hubby and one of the grandchildren and I will continue on to San Diego and an orphanage in Mexico.

Here is a picture of the quilts that have been turned into me thus far. At some point I am going to have to put out an all call so I can get an idea of what our current count is.

On a non-quilty note: Hubby started sanding in the kitchen this afternoon, he is about half finished...hip hip hooray...I don't do dust, I don't do painting, I don't remodeling, but I will do dust, painting and remodeling if the end result is gonna be a new kitchen and a closet that is 3 times the size of the one we currently have.

Reflections Through Momma's Eyes

Here is a better photo of my mothers Reflection quilt
(story on February 8th post).

I tried to post pictures of her recieving her Flower Fairies quilt on Valentine's Day but Blogger is not being friendly this morning and will only allow me to post this one picture. I guess Flower Fairies will be saved for another post, at a later date.

Non-quilt related stuff in my life:
The kitchen remodel is off to a good start, the cabinets have been ordered, demolition will most likely begin this wk (it was on hubby's list to firm up the date, oops, he forgot!) we need to be sure the kitchen is empty of everything so yesterday was spent going through each drawer, each cupboard-item by item, making 4 piles KEEP, TOSS, DONATE and eBay...I am happy to say the van is loaded with more bags of donation items than boxes of things we are keeping - - that is a good thing! Cracked...out to the trash, lid with no bowl...local thriftshop donation, food we won't eat...unopened to the local Food Bank -opened to the trash...each of the grandkids have a favorite drinking glass - we now have 5 kiddie glasses along with the set that matches the dishes...a bag of this and that - from this and that fast food resturant is no longer in our home, if they bring one in...they can take it home.
Hubby does most of the cooking so as we came upon an "iffy" utensil, cookware item or some such thing I deferred to him as to whether to keep it or not...he was more ruthless than I so that was a bonus! (one of the benefits of having a hubby retire early...he becomes a house hubby and does those household chores that we have shared throughout the years while I bring home a payck and needed health and retirement benefits).
Our bedroom closet is also involved in the kitchen remodel so it too had to be emptied...that was easier than the kitchen...haven't worn this in 2 years..out...what was I thinking when I bought this???...out...don't need 3 pr of tennis pr goes out...winter jackets, what do we have mulitple winter jackets for- it never gets that cold around here for more than a day or two at a time!! keep one the rest go OUT OUT OUT.
I will call my friend who does my eBay selling to come get a bag of things I think are worth some $$, if she agrees then she will list them..if she doesn't agree then OUT OUT OUT to the local thriftshop they will go.
We have been in a Clean Sweep mode for a couple of years now and each room/area that is attacked gives us more freedom...our motto has been Less is More. I'm lovin' it!!!

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Ring Around the Rosie...

A pictureless post, Blogger will not let me upload a later.

I finally made it all around the ring yesterday afternoon and took notes, for whatever reason I cannot post comments from work...not sure if it is Blogger or more likely it is due to the line of work I am in as my system has a high security block and I can't get out from there...either way I can read the ring, and do find time to read late in the afternoon and it is a nice way to wind down my day at the office. So...all that to is another installment in a group comment post, again in no particular order:

  • *Vicki* I am in awe, your Dutch Treat blocks are amazing! and if that is your first applique project, oh my have the knack!
  • *Mary* UFO#6, just package it up and sent it my way! The quilt is beautiful and your choice of quilting is perfect!
  • *Evelyn* sounds like you are character building, if I were there I would gladly rip those seams so you could continue stitching! 3rd Times a Charm is really fun, I love hearing the stories behind a quilt. I will have enough L&E to do my own soon, just need to decide on a pattern
  • *LJ* That is a beautiful block...the beginning of my 2006 Christmas present..that is so nice of you...what a pal! Ed will enjoy it as much as I! LOL
  • *Jan* a variety of sewing projects out of the way, crossed off your list...done done done...Way to go! How freeing that must be for you, now on to a waiting project?
  • *Karen?* Your Christmas present quilt...I love it! I saw a snippet of it in an early post and couldn't wait for to see the completed quilt, waaaay too cute! could you post the block or quilt size please? Stack and slash would make them go fast...and a single block would make a quick wallhanging gift, would be fun done in balloons for birthdays.
  • *Debby* The Lakehouse flower power quilt is so lively. I looked for the fabrics but did not find the large flower (the one cut into 4) listed for purchase? This would make a perfect quilt for my bestfriends daughters graduation.
  • *Jeanne* Please enjoy a piece of sweet potato pie for smells so yummy all the way up here in Oregon!
  • *Lauri* I believe nothing is by chance...everything can be used by God's even if we don't/can't see it/realize it at first. We never know when we might be "entertaining angels unaware." Good for you to act and not discard the need you saw.

Now on to necessary things, none of which involve fabric, a sewing machine or being in My Creative Mind.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Changing of the Guard~or~It's All Nancy's Fault

This is the newest addition to My Creative Mind. We tried to narrow down how old Old Faithful is
somewhere between 20 and 27 was the best guess.
Gee, do you think Old Faithful was ready to retire?

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Friends Among the Pines

Here is a teaser for you...these blocks have been added to other Friends Among the Pine blocks made my several other quilters. Linda and her mother Elsie made them into a beautiful quilt for WTIL's next raffle quilt. Not sure when it will be raffled, but I am thinking it won't be too far into the future.

Not a lot of quilty stuff getting done around here. Last night I managed to get the borders on my 1999 Friendship Star swap top. Tonight, after I got home from the office I added borders to my Garden Pinwheels and started the hunt for a suitable backing (didn't find anything - yet). Friday will be my next opportunity to get back to my February Goals. Hopefully these two tops will be completed quilts by Sunday night, and I am hoping to get the 2 last applique pieces to the Countryside Cottage done, kinda depends on how much packing gets done in the kitchen. Shouldn't be too difficult to complete my February goals HIP HIP HOORAY!

Not sure I am going to set any quilty goals for March. The kitchen/bedroom remodel is a priority, the longer it takes to get the kitchen and bedroom completed the longer my mind will be elsewhere. There are several things I can do in order to help me get those UFO's done without actually sewing. I can cut borders, pull backings or just pressing leaders and enders will give me a break from the remodeling when needed.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Don't Worry, Bee Happy

Friday evening, while hunting for a set of swap blocks (which I still have not located!!!), I ran across 2 sets of 6" panel blocks. What to do, what to do? One set had 6 blocks, the other has 7 - - ok, make this easy on yourself, will be arriving in a couple of time to give this much thought.

I had some yellow and blue star fabric sitting out from Katie's quilt...and over there behind the sewing cabinet is some of that blue left over from momma's Flower Fairies...ok, those will do just fine...trim up...cut strips, start sewing...see Pam, sew, arrived? faster faster faster...blocks done...weekend company arrives. Later in the wknd the sashings and borders were added (these little blocks really grew!!!) while my niece and her family were visiting with momma, got those sewn on.

Company cleared out yesterday morning so I cut and pieced the backing, cut the batting and pinned...wasn't planning to quilt it but hubby was gone for a Dr appt so I got started on that...tada done!!! Another quilt towards my May 26 - 100 quilt goal (that others are helping me to achieve).

This is Don't Worry, Bee Happy...which hubby named. The name fits the panel blocks, but also fits a couple of situations we have dealt with this past wk...we both just laughed when he named perfect!

On the other hand (or more accurately "the other foot") hubby's dr appt was for an infected toenail...I will leave out the details, nothing pretty about it...which had to be surgically removed yesterday. Had I known they were going to do that I would have gone to the clinic with him, but we live only a couple of blocks away so driving home wasn't too horrible for him. This couldn't have happened at a worse time as we are in need of emptying our kitchen for a remodel which will start in the next wk or so. To top that off...we also have to empty our bedroom closet as part of the remodel will be to knock out the wall between our bedroom and kitchen to enlarge our kitchen...ugh..I will post pics as the work begins.

Life Happens!

Card Show

Blogger wouldn't let me load these here they are today...A few of the cards we made over the wknd. Some still need some minor details added, but we were happy with the progress we made, the mess we made, the laughter we shared and the high fives as each card was completed.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Go! Fight! Ducks!

Oregon Ducks are we! One year for Christmas I made my husband this Duck quilt, flannel and warm. It is done with the 6 hr method with flannel as the batting..heavy and warm, he loves it. Grandson Tristan also got one just like it and not to leave anyone out, Grandson Rex got one too...but he is not a Duck he is a trader...he is a Beaver so his quilt is orange and black. Using this method was an easy way to get that large "O" on both sides.

No quilting going on at my house this long weekend. My niece, Mandy, and her family (husband Wayne and daughter MacKenzie) came over to see my mother and are staying with us. It has been a fun, and busy weekend with my granddaughter Kaitlyn spending time here with MacKenzie...two peas in a pod are those girls!

Mandy is like a daughter to me and we always find something fun to do - - so this wknd we made cards...get well cards, birthday cards, just because cards. We always have fun creating together: scrapbooking, card making and sewing are right up there at the top of things we choose first. Blogger is NOT letting me load any of those pictures!!! I will try again later.

Back to quilting this afternoon when the company clears out, bedding has been washed and My Creative Mind (aka my sewingroom) has been straighten up. Next up for the machine is "Don't Worry Bee Happy" 6 litte panel squares that grew and grew and grew. Hopefully it will be a finished quilt by Wednesday evening.

Friday, February 17, 2006

IIWIID aka Ugly Duckling and Stuff

The only positive that can be said about this quilt is "It is what it is - DONE!" I can only hope that blogger will bless me by not allowing this picture to enlarge so that the poor workmanship details are even more blantant...please blogger, please. The points are not matched- -therefore the zoom lines (in white no less) show up really well ugh - - I did the blocks in 2 different settings which is the reason some are clockwise, and others are not - - it hung on my design wall for so long all those bias pieces pulled horribly out of shape - - - in other words...whine whine whine...which I have done and will now move past. In my own defense I can only say that the last couple of years have been difficult emotionally and maybe (*¿*) I was working on this during one of the deepest darkest times...which thankfully are over and done there you have it, a true ugly duckling But a DONE Ugly Duckling!

I feel so welcome in this group. There is such encouragement to be found. I read the ring for several wks before submitting my blog to join. I knew what I wanted in a group and scoped you out before committing myself. Thanks Cher for allowing me to tag along and barge into your space. I am not real good at keeping up with comments as I work full time, care for my mother 2-3 evenings a wk and spend all day Sunday with her as well. BUT I do read each blog each day while at work, on break etc. Today Blogger would not let me post comments so I wrote down my thoughts and will do a group comment here...seems so impersonal but for today it is the best I can I no particular order:
  • To All* the Valentine blocks/wallhangings/quilts posted have reminded me (oh gosh, how could I forget??) that I did a row robin with 5 of my closest pals. My theme was Valentines...and it was to be a full size quilt for our bed...I am now rethinking that and might get it turned into a wall hanging for my new kitchen.
  • To those going to or just home from quilt camp* I am green with envy...what fun what fun. This is the first year in over 10 years that I did not attend quilt camp, I know you all had or will have a great time, laugh a little for me, stay up an extra 10 minutes for me, and while your at it, please eat another piece of chocolate or some more chips and salsa for me. Thanks! I knew I could count on you!
  • Amy* Happy Wedding Day! May your special day be all that you have dreamed it would be.
  • Mary* Labeling: I love your embroidered labeling, I think it looks wonderful. WTIL has preprinted labels that we use and are provided for us free of charge. At one point were had a file we could print them out for ourselves but now they are screen printed and sent to us. Pretty cute too, I will try to get a good picture of one to post. If not, maybe LindaJ or Cher can post one. As for saving your blog posts...great idea...and I think I will start printing mine off and saving them as well. We have a family blog that has gone on for along time, it would take forever to print that but I might give it ago as well. Thanks for the idea! And thanks for all the encouragement you give me.
  • LaurieAnn* the tree ornament is waaay too cute...if I asked nicely would you share the instructions? Pretty please? Each year for Christmas my sister and I exchange tree ornaments rather than gifts, there is not a thing in the world either of us needs so we decided years ago to gift each other ornaments...that little lightening bug ornament is the cutest thing ever!!! I do not profess to be a "bright" fabric person...give me my pastels and 30's prints and lock me in a room...I will be as happy as a clam...but after seeing your Twirling Stars I might have to change my mind and keep on working with brights rather than digging out my softer, milder fabrics.
  • Nancy* Nothing beats a good sewing chair..the one I have now I brought home from the office 17 years ago because it was too old LOL maybe I need to dump it and get a new one...this one has 2 pillows (smashed down over time) and 2 covers on it...I'll be watching the office supply store ads tomorrow and if hubby has any questions I will tell him "Nancy inspired me!" LOL
  • Evelyn* Pictures of Eggenberg Castle beautiful!!! chocolate fondue...yummy!!! Little Boy too cute!
  • Carolyn* 25 Block quilt. I started making 25 square blocks out of my Y2K all those years ago...using the signature square as one of the 25...I will have to dig that out to see how far I got with it...oh dear...not another "Dig that out?" project to add to my ever growing list.
  • Joanne* We too have a miracle baby boy...ours is not 24 - - he is the one who took me to the orphanage a couple of years ago.
  • All you DJ'ers* I applaud you each and everyone! I tried..really I did, but it was too labor intensive for me at that point in my list...I will happily display my 2 finished blocks and say I WAS a DJer too...for a day!
  • Barbara* OK, spill the beans...where did you find that darling house bag pattern and is it still available? That is the cutest of the cutest bags!
  • Karen* LOL...the hubby pics are priceless...and I did see the orignal set before you edited your post LOL...
  • Debby* Your 2" strip quilt gave me a wonderful idea for using up my first leaders and enders, which are part of the 3 sets of Y2K swaps I participated in but did nothing with. Using the same print for the larger square will help me to get over the "gotta match, gotta coordinate" quilts I usually do and move me closer to the scrappy quilts I need to make to lessen my stash.
  • Jeanne* I have been a journaler since my high school years...don't have enought figures and toes to tell you how long ago that was...part of my journaling has always been to include the things I am thankful for, appreciative of, and blessed by. Thank you for sharing your list each day, it doubles the blessings I have in my life.
  • Michele* Oh I knew there had to be someone in the crowd to keep my feet on the ground and make me feel all warm and nostalgic with my beloved 30's repros...thanks! I love them..and handpieced makes them even more yummy
  • I know I am forgetting something I wanted to say...LOL but rest assured, as soon as I remember I will post it!
  • LJ....those pics need to be deleted!!
  • JudyL* yes, confession is good...and at your prompting I confessed to the whole Ugly Duckling quilt...every inch of it, every detail...Three Blooming 9 should win an award...they are beautiful and each one different from the next.

Florida Braids and Flowering Plum

The fabrics for this wallhanging (that actually is tossed over the back of the glider rocker) were purchased while on a quick trip to Florida. I had flown to Hollywood Florida to spend 4 days sewing with about 20 women whom I had met on the WTIL list. No one knew I was going, it was a surprise to everyone (OK, LindaJ knew- - -but she wasn't talking either). How fun it was to keep it a secret. How fun it was to be introduced to each friend who I new by name but had never laid eyes on. We sewed non-stop with only one quick LQS break, these prints are what I found on my shopping trip. This is foundation pieced. Help me out LJ-Cher, what year was this 2000??

You asked, it's a Flowering is another picture of it taken the same day. The day I took these pictures I went around the yard and took pictures of several things that were blooming...then we froze, so my tulips and daffodils are now sadly hanging their heavy heads. I am so pleased that not all of them had opened up, maybe there is still hope of having a few survive.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Log Cabin Baskets

These baskets were made for a Wrap Them in Love raffle quilt, several of us (including LindaJ and Cher) donated blocks, another gal did a wonderful job of setting the blocks, then another gal did the quilting and binding. You can see the finished quilt here, it is very pretty. The bonus with this raffle project was for each 2 blocks you made, your name went in a hat and the extra blocks where then won by a drawing. Many of us really wanted those extra of us (me) did not win...drats! Although I really am not too broken hearted - some very deserving ladies recieved the extras and, IMHO, this block speaks my beloved 30's retro prints to me, so if I ever do make a quilt like this it will be in those wonderful prints of yesteryear.

I took this picture last week in our back yard. My yard is blooming! Spring is near!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

This is Why I Do What I Do

Since 1999 I have enjoyed using the gift God gave me to bless others through Wrap Them in Love and AMOR Ministries. In 2004 the blessing was mine as my son and a few of his co-workers took me to Ensenada and together we delivered 100 quilts to Kings Kids orphanage. Look at these beautiful faces...these deep dark brown eyes...THIS is why I do what I do. My youngest son, Ryan..with his newly found friend who spent the day shadowing him, this little guy did not want Ryan to leave when we had to say good-bye. These 2 little angels did NOT want me to help them open up their quilts...once they were given a quilt all they wanted to do was keep it folded up and hold on to it tight, it was like pulling teeth to get them to open them up long enough for this picture to be taken, the orphanage director told us they were afraid we would take them back.

Happy Valentines Day!

Monday, February 13, 2006

Flower Fairies

Flower Fairies for Momma
yes, that is dirt...the wind caught it and the back brushed against the fishpond...thankfully it brushed off without leaving any marks....but wanted to show you the is wonderful

Tomorrow, Valentine's Day, my mother will see these blocks for the first time in 4½ years. You see, my mother, had a stroke in August of took her speach, her ability to walk, her ability to use her right hand....but it also took away her ability to create beautiful quilts. The stroke took everything but her mind, she is as sharp as a tack...just trapped in a body that no longer works and left with no voice to express herself with.

When I went to pack up her sewingroom, these blocks in various states of completion, were hanging on her design wall. With heavy heart I packed away the things she loved, the projects she had started, saving them for a day when I could touch what she had touched, sew what she had sewn, and complete what she had started without breaking my own heart over and over momma was- - is - - - and always well be - - my best friend.

Over the course of these 4½ years I have completed a few of her quilts, but this was the hardest one to get to, this was to be the quilt that went one their bed, my parents bed. Just when I thought I could get it out and finish it, my dad passed away, that was in September 2004...needless to was even harder to finish, emotionally I couldn't do it.

I changed it around, making it to fit her bed at the care facility rather than a queen size bed and have enough left over blocks to make a pillowsham and a pillowslip for the small little pillow that supports her left arm when she is sitting in a recliner. The rest of the blocks will go to LindaJ to make something wonderful out of. Now the Flower Fairies (named for the fabric that it is made out of) is finished and I am so pleased at how it turned very pleased. I think I did the binding in record time. I can't wait to give it to her.

I have declaired 2006 to be the year of the finished UFO's...which includes some of the 18 UFO's my momma had as well...ugh...but I have thus far stayed on track, and have been inspired by my pals LindaJ and Cher to keep on keeping on. And so I shall.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Wonky 30's Swap aka KYS

These blocks are part of an online swap I participated in many years ago. I totally love 1930 Reproduction prints. Over the course of a few years I have used a few of the blocks on various clothing items and etc, which left me with 31 4.5 unfinished blocks...what to do, what to do...Wonk 'em!!! 30 for the front and I put one on the back for the label. I should have used a darker border fabric...but I will stick with my motto...."Done is a very good word!"

On another note: Today I got my mother's Flower Fairies back from the is beautiful! I rushed home, trimmed it up, sewed the binding down and got out the needle and thread...I have about 5' left to do and have totally run out of steam....gotta get it finished is for her Valentine's Day surprise. Pictures tomorrow.

Friday, February 10, 2006

My Dandy aka Almost Amish

For my birthday, two years ago, a dear friend gave me 15 FQ's packed in a fun wooden crate and tied up with a ribbon, 5 colors in 3 prints each. Last year, on my birthday I cut into them and began my "Almost Amish" quilt using the Dandy Block. I say Almost Amish because the FQ are all tone on tone in prints (like this picture of a yellow block). This was quilted in a meadering pattern with varigated thread which is really pretty on the solid black setting squares. Sadly, this picture doesn't do the color justice.

My 3rd finished UFO in 2006, I'm on a roll and excited to see my projects as well as my mother's many unfinished quilts finished and being used. A few more personal projects and then back to WTIL projects with a goal of taking 100 quilts with me to San Diego in May.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Siblings Share

I got off the gurney, handed my brother a hormone patch- - -told him to hang on it to because someday he might need it since he would soon be part female, held him, kissed him - - then I got back on the gurney and they wheeled me away. I was first in the operating room. He followed me a few hours later. They took my left kidney, carefully cutting a 12" slit in my side where earlier in the day my sister had written in ink pen:

"Cut here, remove kidney...liposuction...stitch up with care".

I made this block, which I named "Siblings Share", for the 8th Threads of Life traveling quilt that is sponsored by the Donate Life Oregon Donors Program. This block honors my brother, Gary, who is a diabetic and has had various other health issues throughout his life.

The transplant took place on December 10, 2001. I'm not sure if has ever used the hormone patch, LOL.

A picture of my brother and I taken just a couple of weeks ago.
And here is the quilt that Cher gave to me at the hospital a few days following the transplant. She and the Portland Piecers, a group she quilts with, made this signature quilt for me. Dr.'s, nurses, family and friends signed it. How thoughtful of her/them to do this for me. I will always treasure this quilt.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006


I cannot remember what year this quilt was made. My mother and I almost share birthdays (I was born just hours after her special day) and each year we do something special together. The year this quilt was made we took a our first Mystery Quilt class. It was a wknd worth of fun, laughter and time with my momma. It was the first time either of us had used thangles. The instructor kept saying, "now get out your HST's". At one point a lady who was just NOT catching on asked, "I forget, what is a HST?" The instructor gave a great big sigh at the same time I had leaned over to whisper to momma..."Hard Students to Teach." and my big mouth. Everyone heard me and got a big kick out of it as I turned beet red. The shop owner (in structor) never again refered to them as HST, she always said, now get your "Hard Students to Teach"

Along with the cutting instructions were given these guidelines: 2 contrasting fabrics, not suitable for strips or plaids. That was it. I had just had my office remodeled so went with colors which would compliment the wallpaper on the opposite wall of where this would hang.

I finished my top that wknd and 3 friends helped me handquilt it in a hurry. Momma had her blocks done but not joined together. Momma was not to be out done...she might not have finished her top, but she was going to put the icing on the cake and add prairie points around the edge, smarty pants! She did not finish her quilt. After years of it just being the top with those wonderful prairie points, I had it quilted for her and then did the finish handwork while sitting with her in the care facility.

Here is a pic of my Reflections, and here is a snippets of hers hanging where she can enjoy it each day.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Just for you, Honey!

I made this quilt for my husband's birthday in 2000. He had waited years for his very own quilt so I decided his would be the first of the new millienum, and it was!! I sewed on this only when he was not around, and did the majority of it on Tuesday nights during Sewing and Craft night at church and finished it up at our yearly quilt camp the wknd of his birthday. It is foundation pieced and very heavy!!! There are buttons sewn in the center of each block as well on on the corner of each block.

This was a real stretch for me with all those bland colors rather than the soft pinks, greens, lavendars and blues I love so much. It is huge (took 2 people to hold it up for this pic), it took FOREVER to do, but I really like it.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Let it Snow!!!

While on vacation a few years ago we stopped at a little quilt shop tucked away in a small little coastal town...I found this kit and HAD to have it. There is glitter that sparkles when the wallhanging is moved....very pretty, very fun. From the day after Thankgiving until my birthday in January it hangs in my bathroom with the rest of my snowman collection.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Doesn't get any better than this...

This summer we are taking a family vacation to Southern California and will be visiting an orphanage in Mexico, delivering quilts to each of the children living there. Today our granddaughter decided she wanted to make her first quilt...the icing on the cake for her is that she will be able to hand it to a precious child herself. So today she worked hard and from start to finish (with the exception of the zoom lines, which I did for her) she made her first quilt. I am so proud of her...and she is rightfully proud of herself. This was her first time using a sewing machine. She couldn't wait to show Grandpa, he did and said all the right things...what a pair these 2 are!
Tada....KatieBug and her very first quilt. As soon as the label was on she wanted to know if we could start another 8:30 p.m.!!!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Card Trick

I made this quilt in 2003 for our youngest sons-then-girlfriend when she graduated from high school. She needed something longer and narrower for her college dorm bed.

The raspberry was one of my early experiments with brights. I have learned to use them and have actually used them alot, but I am a pastel kinda gal and love my 30's.

Blooming 9 Patch

This quilt was started in 2003 after watching Cher work on her's. I did the top right away but then did not have it quilted simply because I wasn't sure how I wanted it done. Last month I decided I have way too many tops and way too many UFO's and now I am on a mission to get as many done and crossed off my list in 2006.

I am happy to say this is done and is crossed off my list...happy happy me!!!

Close ups of the quilting, I chose varigated thread and am very pleased with how this turned out.

Pretty Posies All in a Row

This quilt was begun by my mother in 1998, I finished it as a laprobe for her 79th Birthday on January 28, 2006

My sister reading the label to momma.

Close up of the quilting, the pattern is hearts and tulips.

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