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My Creative Mind

Monday, March 06, 2006

It Was Bound to Happen

For a while I could post comments on blogs, and could even create a new post for my own blog. Then I could create a new post for my blog but couldn't post comments to others blogs...then I couldn't post to my own I can no longer view "personal pages" on my system at work!!! I knew it was only a matter of time.

I work in the field of investments and banking...knew we had a high security setting on our systems but really didn't think they would go so far as to block personal pages from being viewed...but they now I can't even read from work! I guess I am not getting paid to see what everyone is up to each day, but it sure was nice to be able to check in from time to time when there was a lull at the office.

Such is life!

Not much quilting is going on at my house. I did get 12 blocks done from some leaders and enders before going to bed last night, and no, it was not on my March to do list, but nothing on my March list was calling my name for the 20 or 30 minutes I had to spend sewing. I think I will remove my to do list for March. The kitchen/bedroom remodel is calling my name and I can't settle down to anything that requires brain cells.

Kitchen RemodelUpdate:
Yep, they are about a day and a half behind schedule. Isn't bugging us too much as we have so much to do in the bedroom that we don't really have time to be frustrated YET. Tomorrow we are suppose to be able to start painting. If we can get the painting done they will hang cabinets on Thursday~pending the cabinets arrival in our teeny tiny, out-in-the-boonies, town.

We had hoped to paint over the wknd...when that was not possible we just made up our mind that it was a good thing so that we could concentrate on the bedroom. We made great progress and feel that we are ahead of the game in there ~ so are about even for the whole remodel.


At Tuesday, March 07, 2006 6:17:00 AM, Blogger Patti said...

The tight computer security doesn't surprise me Pam - they keep tightening it at the financial instutition where I work also. I can't read anything on my yahoo groups any more. I can still read my personal email on the comcast site, and can still get to blogger, but I can't get to blog sites that are hosted by a different system. I supposed it's just a matter of time until I lose what little I do have. Will make my lunch hour very dull. Maybe I'll have to bring handwork!

At Tuesday, March 07, 2006 7:28:00 AM, Blogger cher said...

Good to cancel March goals..remodeling really sucks the attention span on other things.

At Tuesday, March 07, 2006 8:24:00 AM, Blogger Jeanne said...

Hang in there with the remodel!
Jeanne :)

At Tuesday, March 07, 2006 11:17:00 AM, Blogger Finn said...

So sorry that the "systems people" caught up with you. My DD has that same restriction.

Glad you found some time to sew, usually that makes us feel better when we are bummed! Hugs, Finn

At Tuesday, March 07, 2006 3:46:00 PM, Blogger Linda_J said...

Pictured, my friend, pictures! I know you were using y2K swap blocks to make your leaders/enders.

Really, how you have been able to sew with all that is going on around you is phenomenal but then perhaps that is the only thing that can take your mind off the chaos around you.

At Tuesday, March 07, 2006 5:37:00 PM, Blogger JudyL said...

You're really brave to be doing that kitchen update!

I can't beliee you can't read our blogs at work. What are they thinking? :)

Judy L.


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