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My Creative Mind

Saturday, February 17, 2007 a Booger

For a couple of days I have tired to sign in to post, this morning I am finally able to sign in. I am very frustrated by this and hope to have a solution soon...grrrrr!!!!

Anyway...what has Pam been up to? Well...I am continuing in my quest for a streamlined MCM giving it a total makeover. Peter Walsh has nothing on me as I have been sorting through every little slip of paper and making that "one second, touch once" decision about so many things. I have my "KEEP" "DONATE" "TOSS" piles and have been ruthless about everything I touch!!!

Today my eBay lister is coming by for a pile of junk~ errr, umm...treasures~, the garbage can is full, there are 2 giant bags of fabric ready to donate to a charity quilting group in the next town over....and that is just the beginning.

This is something that is long over due. In the last seven years of our life we have experienced one life changing event after another (empty nest, kids getting married, grandchildren, kidney transplant, waaaaaay too early retirement for DH, dealing with SSA, momma had a major stroke, parenting the parent, daddy's passing...etc...makes me tired to think about it even now) without much let up between each happening. The result is, we have put our lives in a "maintenance only" mode...not going forward...not going backward...just treading water has been a real accomplishment. When you get in that type of a situation, and are there for any period of time, it becomes so routine you tend to think it normal...which it isn't...and you adjust your life in such a way that you deem it OK...which it isn't...and it makes coping so much easier...but the elephant in the corner is still there and you still gotta deal with it at some point. That is where we are right now...dealing with those elephants.

I love making over one room every year or so from top to bottom...with NOTHING untouched. But until last year it was put on hold while we dealt with so many other priorities and life events. Last year we did two rooms...the kitchen and our bedroom...because the wall between those two rooms was torn down and re-built during the remodel. This year it is MCM. Every piece of paper, every scrap of fabric, all my notions...everything is getting a "reality check"....the reality is: if I haven't used it, if I don't have a plan for it, if I forgot I even had it, if I did not miss it, if I have not touched it....(get the idea???)...then out it goes!!! I am so excited...this is so much deeper than just a "going to clean up MCM" task...this is a "going to clean OUT MCM" task and I am having so much fun! YES FUN!!!

Today Ed is painting a piece of pegboard for me and will hang it this evening, a client of mine is giving me a 35x70" cutting mat that he mounted on a board and added trim all around it (his wife was an avid doll maker and this was her work space, she died a couple of years ago and he is just to the point of giving away some of her things....I know how terribly hard this is for him....letting go is never easy, this I know all too well), the extra furniture will be gone by this afternoon as well as all the piles of eBay ju...err~treasures. I will be at the point of sorting totes and totes and totes and totes of fabric (have been waiting for the cutting table to arrive to have work space). I have a goal of getting MCM room finished by the time my head hits the pillow on Monday night (the office is closed on Monday) and if it isn't a done-done project then I have arranged to take Tuesday off as well.

I FINALLY went out and got myself a label maker (Peter Walsh would be so proud of me!!) to label all of my scrapbooking stuff that is in 4 rolling drawers sets and my sewing notions that are in 5 others...rolling drawers...the best way to go IMHO. I have wanted to label each drawer for years but never took the time to do is the time, especially since my brain doesn't work as well as it once did!!! Have label maker, shall conquer!!!

OK...enough goofing off...I've had my 3 cups of get in MCM and get busy...I am seeing an end to this project and feeling the itch to sew a St. Patricks Day table topper so better get MCM finished so I can get on with the fun stuff. head-to-toe room make over??? Our guest room...I want it to be ready at a moments notice for LindaJ (*¿~)


At Saturday, February 17, 2007 8:18:00 AM, Blogger Norma said...

I am impressed with your "cleansing" of your MCM! I need to pick a room and do the same thing! Please tell me that LindaJ is headed north for sure! How wonderful!

At Saturday, February 17, 2007 1:54:00 PM, Blogger cher said...

forget Peter Walsh- I am so proud of you for tackling this! I think the last time the MCM was overhauled was by your mom. I think you could come up here and do mine next! and bring your label maker, I don't have one either LOL. truly Pam..I am glad you are finding it FUN...that is the true spirit to doing such a huge job.

At Monday, February 19, 2007 7:54:00 AM, Blogger Pam said...

I was getting tired of all the logging in every time I did anything - I found this bit of information on the blog issues page.

The “Remember Me” login option will not work correctly in Internet Explorer 6.0. The best workaround is to simply use Firefox. However, if you prefer IE, you can add to the list of allowed sites under Internet Options > Privacy. —

I did that - I went to tools and under internet options I went to privacy and under sites I typed in and I don't have to log in all the time any more it does it automatically. I hope that helps.

What does MCM stand for?


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