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My Creative Mind

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Saturday, April 1 Yep...Saturday

Cutie!!!! It's April Fool's day, watch never know what kind of trickster you might run into. For me, I always think about how to fool someone and then, like my joke telling, it falls I just take what comes my way and go with that. I did think about calling our oldest grandson, Rex, and telling him that our family vacation, a trip to Disneyland and various other Southern California locations would have to be cancelled...but just can't bring myself to would crush him greatly!

Today is Fushia Saturday at a Pacific Northwest chain store, Fred Meyer. They do this annually each year, you buy the plants and they will pot them with the good potting soil in your pots. My girlfriend, Diana, and I go each year. This year we decided we are going to buy considerably LESS than in years past because we have been invited to a private potting party (for lack of a better term)! The lady who does all the large hanging baskets that hang on every street corner and in front of each business in our teeny tiny town has invited us to come make up hanging baskets with the left over stock she has!! I am so excited!!! She will help us mix and match the plants to make our baskets beautiful.
Flowers And Hearts We always make up our own baskets, but this year we will get to choose from speciality plants, that have been well taken care of. I am thrilled and can't wait to learn from this wonderful gardener and later this spring and summer to enjoy the color.

I bought the hardware for my lamps yesterday so this wknds goal is to get my lamps assembled, the longer I have looked at the painted pots, the better I like them...hopefully that will be the case when they are plugged in and usable. A done project is always a good project.

Again, nothing quilty going on at my house...what's new...gee, I started this year off with a quilty bang...and then the kitchen remodel started and now my house looks like a bomb went off, which has the domino effect of letting things go all over the place. I thought we had gotten to the "whatever" point of this whole thing but after not finding something that I needed a couple of days ago I was right back to the point of frustration...which really only lasted a few minutes, after all, there is nothing that can be done until it is why waste my energy?

Jeanne encourages us to remember gratitudes (blessings) in our lives by each day posting some that she experiences in her daily life. This is something I learned to do at a very early age, to look around me and count my many blessings...and not only to count them but to act on them, enjoy them, and to be thankful. I have pages and pages of blessings that I have recorded over the years, how fun it is to re-read pages of journals pasts and remember where I was and what I was thinking at certain points of my life and then to realize where I am in my life now. I am one lucky gal! I have a husband who adores me, and I him (going on 30 years!). I have children who have grown up and become useful, contributing members of society. I have THEE 5 most beautiful and intelligent grandchildren (yes, I will admit to a small amount of bias here). I have a home I love (stop giggling...the kitchen is going to be loved at some point!). I live in a community that feel safe in. I have friends and family who I love and care for. Blessed? You bet!!! How could I not be?

Enjoy your day! Anticipate those blessings, they are all around us!


At Saturday, April 01, 2006 8:49:00 AM, Blogger cher said...

thanks for the humor of your floating curser! I agree Pam, we have so much to be thankful for each day! can't wait to see photos of your beautiful flowers -I am so envious...just have no where at our place that fushias survive

At Saturday, April 01, 2006 9:44:00 AM, Blogger ForestJane said...

And interesting quotes down in the bottom menu bar! I like your fabric patched graphics too.

At Sunday, April 02, 2006 8:10:00 AM, Blogger Jeanne said...

Pam, this brought tears to my eyes! {{{{{A big hug}}}}}
Jeanne :)


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