My Creative Mind

My Creative Mind

Monday, July 03, 2006

Reason Why I Couldn't Be in My Creative Mind This Weekend

It was just too beautiful of a weekend to be inside. Saturday morning I tackled the the Koi transferred and now all fish are in the same pond. Ed worked on getting the courtyard path planted with Blue Star Creeper, then we both did this and that and that and this around the yard. The sun was out and so were we.


At Monday, July 03, 2006 3:16:00 PM, Blogger Samantha said...

the flowers look wonderful!

At Monday, July 03, 2006 7:17:00 PM, Blogger Bonnie said...

The second flower picture was so lucious that I am now using it as my computer screen background. The colors are spectacular. Makes me want to do a quilt in those colors!

At Monday, July 03, 2006 7:28:00 PM, Blogger ForestJane said...

Beautiful pictures!

And I have a favor to ask of you... :)

I've just added all the blogs I look at to bloglines, and for some reason, yours - instead of having Pam or Creative Mind as a title, has only one small . in the field where the blog name goes. If you leave it, it's going to be difficult to see that you have new posts. Blogs with new posts are bold in bloglines, and there's no way to tell a bold . from a plain . in the list of blognames.

Is that something that you can edit? I tried, but it's NOT something I can rename. :(



At Monday, July 03, 2006 8:02:00 PM, Blogger Linda_J said...

Wow, Pam--it looks gorgeous! All that hard work is definitely worth it.

At Monday, July 03, 2006 8:07:00 PM, Blogger Gia said...

Ok Pam, I copied Bonnie and used the second pic as my desktop pic too. I didn't even know you could do that until I read her comment! Thanks for the beautiful pic! I hope you have a safe and happy fourth of July!

At Monday, July 03, 2006 9:59:00 PM, Blogger JudyL said...

Your yarde looks beautiful!! Want to come work in mine? :)

Judy L.


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