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My Creative Mind

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Do you ever have a memory trigger? Last night I was snacking on a piece of cheese (Tillamook cheddar, the best!!!) while chatting with my sister online and it triggered a memory for me. My mother's hands were always busy. She almost always had a pair of knitting needles, a crochet hook, needle and thread, paint brush or something in her hands. So, when she ate she would sometimes put a cracker or a piece of cheese or bread or something between her lips and nibble on it while working on something else. It always amazed me that she could do that, I couldn't...but then I was (WAS??? STILL AM) always talking so couldn't keep my lips together long enough for this to work for me!

Once when I was a little girl my mom had fixed herself a piece of toast and was sitting out on the front porch eating it. I remember it was during the summer and she was wearing shorts (which doesn't have anything to do with this story but it is part of the memory). The toast looked so good, the butter was melted just right, which is what I remember the most...I could never get the butter to melt on toast when I made it. Momma said I could have a piece of toast too, so off to the kitchen I went, I was so excited to have that warm piece of toast with melted butter and cinnamon sugar sprinkled on it.

After putting the bread into the toaster I was back out on the porch and momma told me if I wanted the butter to be melted I needed to put it on the toast when it first came out of the toaster, while it was still hot. Huh? When it comes OUT of the toaster? AFTER it is toasted? UH OH.....I remember that I had been trying to figure out how to get butter to melt on toast for a while and had finally figured out how to do butter your bread, THEN put it in the toaster, which will heat up the butter and melt it just right...RIGHT???

Momma jumped up so fast, ran in the house - into the kitchen and popped up that toast as fast as she could. LOL I can remember this as if it happened yesterday. I don't remember anything else about that life lesson...I don't remember what was said afterwards, I can only imagine LOL. I am sure she told me that if I didn't get distracted and would just stand there and wait for the toast to come up and butter it right away it would melt, I am sure she cleaned up mess I made and I believe she most likely made me a piece of toast, complete with melted butter and cinnamon sugar.

BTW, the memory trigger was the piece of cheese between my lips while chatting with my sister!!! Victory!! I have since learned to butter my toast and have the butter melt AND I can balance something between my lips while doing something else, I just learned a different way to talk so didn't need my mouth. LOL LOL I am so goofy!


At Tuesday, September 12, 2006 8:20:00 AM, Blogger Jeanne said...

Oh, Pam, this is such a charming memory! Cinnamon toast is a favorite treat of mine.
Jeanne :)

At Tuesday, September 12, 2006 8:28:00 AM, Blogger Shelina said...

These are great life stories that you are sharing. Katie at Mismatched quilter is doing the same. The toast story is so funny, and well written.

At Tuesday, September 12, 2006 9:00:00 AM, Blogger Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Cinnamon toast is a favorite in my home too. The trick to melted butter is taking the butter out of the fridge so it softens (my method anyway - much to DH's dismay!).



At Tuesday, September 12, 2006 11:09:00 AM, Blogger Nancy said...

What a wonderful memory! My memories of toast are a bit different. :-) Mama ALWAYS burned the toast because she'd get sidetracked and forget it was in the oven. See we didn't have a toaster so our toast was made in the oven. Still is since I don't own a toaster either and don't want one. :-) Us kids used to joke that the sound of scraping toast was our alarm clock. In July on the anniversary of Mama's death, Susan posted a tribute on our private blog. In it she listed the things she missed most about Mama. At the end she said, "And I even missed burnt, scraped toast and scalded cream corn." Which of course had me boo-hooing more than any other thing she could have said. But I still smile when I make toast. And yes even when I get distracted and burn it too. :-)

At Tuesday, September 12, 2006 11:42:00 AM, Blogger Patti said...

What a neat memory - thanks so much for sharing! I'm sure we all have some sort of memory like this. For my kids I know it would be when they tried to melt crayons in our new microwave and they burst into flames. There were scorch marks and bubbled paint on the roof of that microwave until we tossed it years and years later. I have so many neat memories of my mother - makes them closer doesn't it.

At Friday, September 15, 2006 8:19:00 PM, Blogger ForestJane said...

You're REALLY making me crave a hot piece of cinnamon toast. :D


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